Make Every KPI Count

To build sales volume, maximize profits and minimize costs while meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers, your CPG enterprise has to score countless individual KPI wins at every level. The challenge is this — providing every member of your enterprise with the tools and time they need to perform at optimal levels. With SOLYS, every member of your organization can have a positive impact on business performance. Every day. Every week. Every month.

That’s because SOLYS integrates and processes all the supply, order and POS demand data needed by both retail and c-level team members. If you’re a c-level manager responsible for creating monthly supply and operations forecasts that drive competitive positioning and execution across sales, marketing, finance and supply chain channels — SOLYS’ customized applications funnel the business and demand intelligence you need to your individually tailored dashboards. If you’re a retail team member looking for weekly demand-driven opportunities you can share with your retailer — SOLYS’ applications ensure your dashboards are populated with that demand intelligence first thing Monday morning.

Build optimal KPI performance over and over again with SOLYS.