Top-down and bottom-up BI architectures don’t cut it in today’s highly competitive global market. Today, retailers have higher on-shelf, in-store and across-the-chain expectations. They want their customers to get the goods they want, when and where they want them, and they can’t afford to be exposed to high-risk inventory overstocks and out-of-stocks.

Today’s innovative IT organizations are quickly becoming their companies’ Demand Analytics Champions – true company heroes that create and sustain one, powerful BI Architecture that drives strategic business decisions throughout the entire organization.

To meet your retailers’ expectations and grow your company’s volume, you first need the ability to design an Enterprise BI Architecture that seamlessly integrates internal and retailer POS demand data across your enterprise. Then you need a demand intelligence solution that makes that architecture valuable—consistently funneling timely, unified internal and demand data to exactly the right person — whatever their position in the enterprise — based on that person’s needs. SOLYS is that solution.