Managed Services

Start your week with your database up-to-date, your performance workbooks ready for delivery, and your focus on building business — instead of building reports. LumiData's Managed Services Suite provides you with all the cost-effective service efficiencies you need without spending the time to extract, transform and load your own data or run your own reports.

Using SOLYS plus any combination of LumiData Managed Services means you free up more time to apply the use of advanced analytics to enhance your competitive strategy and drive business performance.

LumiData offers a Managed Services Suite designed to meet the data management and reporting needs of the consumer goods retail sales team (CG Services), as well as a Managed Services offering that is tailored to the service delivery requirements of the manufacturer's representative. (Rep Group Services). Available services include:

  • Data Extraction
    Automated data capture and import for turnkey POS analytics 
  • Scripted Analytics
    Consultative reporting analysis and scripting for standard weekly reports 
  • Bespoke Reporting
    Highly customized report formatting, to share with unique audiences, made-to-measure for maximum impact 
  • Outsourced Analytics
    Best-in-class analytics and reporting, without the headcount 

 Over the past year, LumiData Managed Services clients have reported they are:

  • Generating more sales support analytics with reduced headcount
  • Experiencing lower fixed spending on BI analytics
  • Gaining a 87.3% improvement in the time to collect, process, report and share POS reports
  • Increasing sales opportunities by nearly 12% just by gaining richer and deeper insights faster