Our Team

A Deeper Level of Experience in the CPG Industry

Team LumiData

Team LumiData takes a partnership approach to working with our customers. Our people see every new challenge as an opportunity to develop a new solution for a customer. This valuable insight is the direct result of the experience our team has gained by working with the industry's leading consumer product goods manufacturers.

The fact that LumiData people have experience in both the retailer and supplier sides of the business enables a better understanding of relationship dynamics and shared business needs—a prerequisite for creating opportunities for joint value between you and your retailers.

Team LumiData always strives to gain and sustain a deep understanding of your business—right from beginning and throughout our relationship. This ongoing learning helps us develop new product innovations and functionality that best meet your changing needs and priorities as you evolve your business strategies.

The Leadership Team

The backgrounds of the veteran experts who lead our team reflect a wide range of industry management experience—sales and marketing, retail merchandising, distribution and information technology.

LumiData's principals represent a combined 50 years of experience in the consumer products industry, developing, supporting and selling business management applications and information services to a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies.