ROI Impact

Enhancing Your Competitive Position

SOLYS increases your ability to compete—as a company, as a product and as a professional.

SOLYS helps your company:

  • Lower and control its inventory levels, reducing cost of inventory.
  • Increase its cash-to-cash cycle, by increasing order fill-rates.
  • Increase return on assets by increasing inventory turnover.
  • Increase sales volume with its retail partners.
  • Take greater control of the store aisles and shelves.
  • Develop more effective in-store promotions.
  • Increase team productivity.
  • Decrease labor costs.

And SOLYS helps you improve your relationships with your retailers. With SOLYS you're able to provide your retailer with information that no one else can provide. Your strategic recommendations gain more credibility with the presentation of a solid business case that's based on the evidence that SOLYS provides.  And this moves you to the front of the line with your retailer.